Thermal Canteen – Summer Palm

“Hydrate and Migrate” is what an old band director would tell us in the midst of a scorching Texas summer when we needed to cool down after long hours of marching band practice on a hot 105 degree Fahrenheit asphalt parking lot. The breeze felt like being in a convection oven, and all we wanted after 2 hours was to moisten our throats with the luke warm refreshment that came from a massively think plastic bottle that had been baked in the sun the last 3+ hours. Technology has changed a lot since then, and I would like to think water breaks would be even better today with these amazing bottles. These thermal bottles will keep your water or any other tasty beverage ice cold and able to withstand the heat of the Sahara desert, and the inverse if you find yourself somewhere cool and hot tea or coffee is the only reprieve. At almost 20oz these bottle are the perfect travel size, and fit in almost any cup holder. Plus monograming your stuff is super awesome. Get with the times and upgrade your hydration, you’ll thank us later.



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