Thermal Tumbler – The Bride

These awesome wine tumblers are insulated for keeping your hot drinks perfectly hot and your cold drinks frosty cold. Since each tumbler holds 12oz, refills while lounging by the pool or on the couch become much less bothersome. You can fit half the bottle of Sauv Blanc all at once (we’ve tried) and it will stay at your ideal temperature until your last drop has left the cup. These are great cups for anyone anytime. Are you a parent? They have a nice tight lid with a sliding vent to stop spills from little ones. You live some where cold? Keep your coffee and tea perfectly hot till your last sip. Live some where hot? Enjoy the icy cold refreshment from a drink that wont warm up anytime soon. You ride in a car literally ever?.. Listen, you get it right? It’s kinda just an awesome cup, and you want it.



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